See below the current stock of Genuine OEM Fisher Spares held by Controlled Repair (Inst) Limited.

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Part NumberDescriptionMaterialQuantity in Stock
1K4527000A2249 Torque Tube Std wallHastelloy1
1K4519X00A2249K Torque Tube Std wallInconel 6003
2U868746422EC 1 x 0.75in Mirco Flute Plug316stst Stellite tip1
2U741748932ED/T 2.5in Linear Cage316 ENC2
2V503348932ED/T 2.5in Whisper I Cage316stENC NACE1
1V6580X0052ED/T 3in Plug and 3/4in Stem Ass'y316stst2
1V6582X0072ED/T 4in Plug and 3/4in Stem Ass'y316stst3
26A5279X022EHD/T 1in Seat Ring Class 1500Inconel 7181
21B3491X032ET 3in Cage ass'y CAVIII stage 217.4ph1
1V712033092ET 6in Disc Seat316stst3
1V711833092ET 6in Disc Retainer316stst4
1V712335072ET 6 x 4in Disc Retainer316stst1
10A4466X012ET 8in Disc Retainer316stst1
20A4467X012ET 8in Disc Seat316stst1
16A3341X012EZ 1 x 0.75in Mirco Form Plug316st HFSG1
32B6007X022HPD 2in Plug 1/2in VSC416stst1
42B8242X012HPD/T 3in Linear Cage17.4ph1
37B2839X032HPS 2in Linear Cage17.4ph1
37A4321X112HPT 3in Plug & 1in Stem ass'y CAV III Stage 3440C/S209101
20A3507X112YD 6in Plug and 3/4in stem assembly plain bonnet316stst1
11A9076X022YD 6in Lower Seat Ring316stst1
20A3523X012YD & YS 6in Lower Cage3i6stst ENC1
30A3517X012YD 6in Upper Cage316stst ENC1
FS.67C-414/PM167C Regulator 0-35psi panel mountedVarious6
GE01662X012FBD 26 x 36in Ring PistonGraphite 17F393
14A1419X012FBD/T 26 x 36in Bonnet gasketMonel/Silver pl7
GE01646X012FBD 26 x 36in C SealInconel 7182
GE00832X012FBD 26 x 36in Piston RingIron/Inconel2